Episode 51: Kong Skull Island

September 4, 2017

Mike and Nate take a run through the jungle in this review of the 2017 blockbuster smash which reintroduces King Kong to Warner Brothers Monsterverse.


Episode 50: Shin Godzilla

January 15, 2017

Mike and Nate discuss the #1 box office hit of 2016 for Japan, which happens to be an insane new Godzilla movie.


Episode 49: Godzilla 98′ PART 2

August 5, 2016

The epic conclusion of our Godzilla 98' discussion! With Guest Hosts Cara Palermo and Tom Beddow!  


Episode 48: Godzilla 98′

July 24, 2016

Mike and Nate attempt to figure out what went wrong with the now infamous first "American Godzilla" film. Joining them are returning Gust Hosts Tom Beddow and Cara Palermo.


Episode 47:Battle In Outer Space / YOG Monster From Space

April 30, 2016

Nate and Mike delve deep into two forgotten Toho "Classics". Also thoughts on the "Godzilla Resurgence" trailer.


Episode 46: Cloverfield

March 5, 2016

Mike and Nate are joined by third time Guest Host Dominic Griffin to discuss this 2008 found footage Kaiju classic!!!  


Episode 45: King Kong (2005)

January 21, 2016

Witness the Kong-frontation two and a half years in the making as Nate and Mike square off on Peter Jackson's King Kong!!! With Guest Host Ian Lindsey. 


Episode 44: King Kong Lives (1986)

November 17, 2015

The monkey shines are at an all time high as Mike and Nate, along with returning Guest Host Cara Nicole Palermo, try and make sense out of 1986's King Kong Lives.   


Episode 43: King Kong (1976)

September 30, 2015

Mike and Nate discuss the first of two Dino De Laurentiis King Kong films. With Guest Host Cara  Palermo!


Episode 42: Son Of Kong (1933)/ Mighty Joe Young (1949)

August 31, 2015

Mike and Nate talk about the two stop motion follow ups to the original King Kong, 1933's Son Of Kong, and 1949's Mighty Joe Young.